The novice the initial flying remote control aircraft Notes

With more and more people playing remote control helicopters, many not played remotely piloted aircraft also joined the ranks of HM players! In fact, a lot of remote control aircraft enthusiasts are not the experience of flying remote control aircraft, but with the requirement of anything higher, three-way simple remote control helicopter is also difficult to meet the remote control aircraft players. Many players will choose the price is more expensive four-channel remote control airplane remote control aircraft, but the four-way remote control aircraft flight handling requirements, so here novice friends to the remote control airplane remote control airplane flying first Note:

Switch the order to play with the remote control aircraft must first open the remote control switch, and then open the switch of aircraft, most of the remote control aircraft and remote control are frequency! So first open conducive to remote control aircraft remote control of frequency.

Takeoff must not shove the throttle switch, remote control aircraft throttle switch unlike children electric car switch, remote control aircraft throttle switch is controlled size, the faster the greater the speed of the push, the If the throttle consequences shoves is The aircraft look into the sky. So slowly push the throttle forward.

The novice initial flight regardless of your aircraft is large or small, wind or not, best to get into the open flying remote control airplane flying speed very fast! Novice hard not to run into a wall in a narrow space.

Aircraft fell to the ground after right throttle to recover, remote control aircraft throttle generally are not returned, which means that if the aircraft fell to the ground if you do not put the throttle to recover, the accelerator will be a starting state, then aircraft hit the ground, the propeller, like in the rotated state, so it is easy to cause damage to the aircraft!

Well above points after flying remote control aircraft can greatly reduce the damage to the speed of the remote control aircraft!

IRCHA helicopter difficulty of movement classification

IRCHA (international remote control model helicopter association) will helicopter difficulty of movement is divided into seven grades, set by the executive committee. The first level of difficulty is lowest, in accordance with the level of increase and improve difficulty, the seventh is the difficulty of the highest level.
If you are a remote control model of helicopter beginners, or just began to learn hover, these different levels of many action, it for you will be a mission impossible. But there is no any kind of action is not to achieve, the majority of the helicopter can complete these specified action. As long as you improve your handling skills, you can carry out these figures, perform some senior action, you may need to slightly modify his helicopter.
The first level
The first level is the most basic of the program, the main is to protect the safety of the maneuvers, familiar with hover and related action skills. For most of the action, the helicopter tail-in towards.
. Take off
From the landing area will helicopter vertical take-off, maintain the stability of the rising velocity, rising process allow slight lateral migration. The helicopter was halted the rise, the body should be kept completely motionless, and do not have any vertical rise or fall, and little to no lateral wobble or drifting. Landing area is defined as a 1 meter diameter circle.
. The stationary hover
1. After the take-off kept completely motionless, and do not have any vertical bounce or dip, and little to no lateral wobble or drifting.
2. Hover for 1 minute.
3. The stationary hover should show the appearance of being under total control.
. Horizontal scrolling
1. From take-off area keep over hover, then level forward ten (10) feet, hold hover ten seconds.
2. Then level back twenty feet, hover ten seconds.
3. Level forward ten (10) feet until the helicopter to the left level over the landing area, move and scale, hover ten seconds.
4. Then turn right level mobile and stationary hover) feet, hold for ten (10) seconds.
5. Left horizontal scrolling 10 feet, back to over the landing area.
6. Landing stand should be completely fell on the landing area.
. Multiple height hover
1. After take-off hover for five (5) seconds.
2. Vertical rise two (2) meters, hold for five (5) seconds.
3. Vertical drop two (2) meters, hold for five (5) seconds.
4. Landing stand should be completely fell on the landing area.
. 45 ° Angle hover
1. After take-off hover for five (5) seconds.
2. To the left or right will head rotation 45 °, hover for five (5) seconds.
3. Will head rotation 45 ° back to the original direction, hover for five (5) seconds.
4. Will head toward the other side turn 45 °, hover for five (5) seconds.
5. Will head rotation 45 ° back to the original direction, hover for five (5) seconds.
6. Landing stand should be completely fell on the landing area.
. Side hover
1. As a 45 ° Angle hover general, but in step 2 and 4, will head rotation 90 °.
. Diagonal hover
1. The length of side for ten meters square center after taking off the landing area, move the helicopter to the right, the stationary hover began helicopter to a corner of the square, hover for five (5) seconds, and then fly back to the center of the square.
2. To square the rest three corner, repeat step 1.
3. Landing stand should be completely fell on the landing area.
. Circle Hovering
1. Head to the horizontal circle
A. after take-off hover for five (5) seconds.
B. keep the helicopter to the right, to control in the same direction, in (10) meter circle diameter. Until the helicopter is hovering over the take-off point.
C. to the left, repeating step b.
D. landing stand should be completely fell on the landing area.
2. Head orientation horizontal circle
. After take-off hover for five (5) seconds.
A. move the helicopter to the right, in the front of the maneuvers in the same direction, in (10) meter circle diameter. Until the helicopter is hovering over the take-off point.
B. to the left, repeating step b.
C. Landing stand should be completely fell on the landing area.
The second
Secondary belong to moderate, the control has the ability to implement basic flying skills. The essence of the second is to successfully completing all components of level I, then advancing to the ability to fly the.
. Horizontal sliding
1. From the landing area to helicopter vertical take-off to eyes and with high, hover for a few seconds.
2. Slowly sliding forward at least ten meters distance.
3. Will head turned to windward and continue straight and level forward at least ten meters distance.
4. The next can directly “vertical climb” program or landing procedures, landing the body must be in the arrangement of the landing area.
. Vertical climb
1. Implement the “horizontal sliding” by gradually increasing power/pitch, make the body began to rise.
2. Continue to climb until about fifty feet high.
3. Vertical climb in the process, the body must be parallel with the channel, and maintain an appropriate rising velocity.
. 90 ° steering
1. Implement the “vertical climb”, will head rotation 90 °, make the helicopter and the audience.
. Rectangular flight
1. Implement the “vertical climb” and a “90 ° steering”, keep on straight and level.
2. Implement the second “90 ° steering”, the direction of rotation must be the same with the first.
3. Continue to step 2 procedures until flight path can form a square or rectangle.
. 180 ° rotary
1. The helicopter flying straight and level and then performing the action of turning, turning 180 ° to the positive channel, continue to fly straight and level.
2. Respectively from the left to the right, and the right to left, implement the turning away from the pilot).
3. Respectively from the left to the right, and the right to left, implement inside turning toward the pilot.
. Straight and level flight
1. From left to right, perform straight and level flight.
2. From right to left, perform straight and level flight.
. Head orientation and word flight
1. The helicopter vertical take-off to eyes and with high, hover for a few seconds.
2. The helicopter in the same height, with speed and head toward the fixed direction, to the right or to the left began to carry out the action of horizontal circle.

A set of think the best flight principle this paper

Helicopters can vertical fly basic reason is simple, but the flight control is not easy. Rotor can produce lift, but who to produce thrust forward? Separate installation other propulsion engine of course, but it increases the weight and overall complexity, can make rotor and bear lift and propulsion function? Lift – promoting problem solving, and steering, pitch and roll control problem. Rotor rotation to induce the lift at the same time, to produce the reverse torsion (junior middle school physics: force will have reaction), so the helicopter and a unique reverse torque control problem.
The helicopter main rotor reverse torsion of the schematic diagram
There is no certain measures against torque, the helicopter will dozen/tail rotor is offset against torsion of the most common method of helicopter offset against torque scheme has a lot of, the most conventional is the tail rotor. The main rotor clockwise rotation of the body will produce counter-clockwise reverse torsion, tail rotor must or push or pull, produce the clockwise direction thrust, in order to offset the main rotor reverse torsion.
Offset reverse torsion of the main rotor, tail rotor layout, also called the conventional layout, because this is the most common and typical bell 407 tail rotor main rotor of course can also clockwise rotation, clockwise or counterclockwise, both between no better points. Interestingly, the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, and Japan the Lord of the helicopter rotor is counterclockwise rotation, France, Russia, China, India, Poland helicopter is clockwise rotation, Britain, Germany, Italy, and Japan helicopter industry are introduced from the United States, and the United States began to permit the same habit can understand, and India, Poland is the former Soviet union and France to introduce license, and French, Russian habit the same can also understand, but the United States and Russia why from the beginning the selected different directions, France why don’t choose the same direction, and Russia is consistent, may be just a history of the joke.
Countries helicopter main rotor rotating direction to compare the tail rotor helicopter design brings a lot of trouble. If the tail rotor is too big, can make to the ground, so the tail rotor size is restricted, to provide enough reverse torsion, it needs to improve the speed, so that the tail rotor wing tip speed is big, the noise of the tail rotor is very big. Extreme cases, tail rotor wing tip speed can even more than velocity of sound, form the sonic boom. Tail rotor needs to be installed in the tail brace, tail stay more long, the tail rotor torque, the torsion effect is good, but the end of the weight of the support. In order to put the power transfer to the tail rotor, tail stay inside need to install a long shaft, this adds weight and mechanical complexity. The tail rotor helicopter flight safety is the biggest challenge, the main rotor lost power, the helicopter can spin landing; But the tail rotor once lost power, the helicopter will dozen, out of control. In a fight, because the tail rotor helicopter crashed and the probability of damage is much higher than for other parts of the hit. Even if not battle damage situation, use at ordinary times, the tail rotor to the ground personnel risk is very big, carelessly, and the nearby personnel and equipment will be hit. In residential areas or glade hovering or landing, tail rotor is easy to hang buildings, wire, branches, dancing items.
Tail rotor can be push type, also can be pull type, it is generally thought that to push for high efficiency. Although no matter push or pull, the air will always support through the tail, but in the tail rotor speed, low air flow through the air before the end of the support is kinetic energy loss. Tail rotor rotation direction can be the main rotor, that is to say, for the main rotor counterclockwise, tail rotor turn forward (or, from the right to see, the tail rotor helicopter clockwise rotation), so that the tail rotor on the main rotor aerodynamic interference is small, the main rotor lift force can give full play to. Tail rotor can also reverse the direction of the main rotor rotation, that is to say, counterclockwise to the main rotor, tail rotor turn back (or, from the right to see, the tail rotor helicopter counterclockwise), so that the tail rotor and the main rotor formed between a mutual interference, the main rotor lift force by the loss, but the tail rotor role to strengthen, so can downsize, or reduce the power. There was no absolute advantages and disadvantages, design at the time, generally choose the turn, only the improper design, tail rotor control action is not enough, they choose inverse the turn, like m – 24 helicopters that.
Han road tail rotor (fenestron) will tail rotor narrowed, “hidden” in the tail end support the great opening, equivalent to install a tail rotor cover, so greatly improve security, is not easy to play into the surrounding objects. By the way YuHan around the tail rotor is covered, tail rotor wing tip the airflow situation greatly simplified, wing tip speed is higher also not greatly increase the noise. The shield also cover and direction of noise greatly reduced. Han road tail rotor faults is fan by structure bring greater weight, the problem with han road tail rotor diameter increase dramatically worse, so han road tail rotor is difficult to use large helicopter. Han road tail rotor only the French helicopter adopted, the United States the dismount Comanche is outside France rare the culvert way tail rotor example.
Dolphin helicopter culvert tail rotor/classic word by word culvert tail rotor of EC – 120 helicopter, China in the cooperative manufacturing
The United States has dismount RAH – 66 “koeman odd” helicopter also contain the word Tail Rotor another replace Tail Rotor scheme is NOTAR, NOTAR is No Tail Rotor (meaning No Tail Rotor) referred to as, with jet ejector and main Rotor downwash flow favorable interaction formed the torque. The main rotor downwash flow generated from the tail support through the tail brace on both sides, the engine produces the compressed air through the tail shore side of the downward slot jet, make this side of the downwash flow to tail support surface adsorption and accelerate (that is, the so-called jet effect or Coanda effect), tailing brace on both sides of the airflow speed difference, produce to the side of the side thrust, realize no tail rotor reverse torsion. The top of the tail support direct jet control to provide more fine direction control, but does not provide the main reverse torsion, not can’t, but with the jet effect can use less jet will achieve greater reverse torsion. From this principle nay, if the tail support section into wing, wash the air itself can produce side thrust, or even next side installation similar flap device to control the lateral thrust, will not

Hong Kong a model machine hurt be condemned

A man last year in Hong Kong tseung kwan o area play model plane, meanwhile, remote control helicopter process out of control, wing hit friends head, cause the left half paralyzed. The man yesterday in kwun tong court ruled by a harm to other people or property security charges, be fined up to 5000 yuan. This is the first case of for control model plane hurt others, and cited the civil aviation regulations accused and convicted case.
The defendant ChenMinJian (forty years old), present in baker, earlier after the trial, yesterday was ruled a harm to other people or property safety into sin. Temperature officer describe case very unfortunate, accused the defendant be had consequences, and the result of drunk driving, but no matter belong to the catastrophic court case how to judgment, the victim is also counterproposal without any help.
Did not take into consideration the safety of others is responsible for
Temperature officer in ruling out the defendant as remote control aircraft activities of participants, is supposed to know the activities has certain risk, remote control aircraft has the power and weight, if because of equipment failure, or the operating frequency problem, suddenly out of control down, can cause gathered in flight channel nearby people hurt, so maneuvers of participating in activities must focus on careful, but knowing that the defendant with the audience is present, but not make remote control aircraft away from the crowd, or pay attention to have deviation channel, and timely warning people present, and finally made a great mistake.
Temperature control for the official to choose a model plane of pleasure, but do not have to bear the reckless with other people or objects near the security responsibility, such as drivers drive for the sake of convenience and fun, but not responsible for the safety of other road users, the defendant’s attitude is clearly consequence be against pirates, he is also so want to be responsible for due responsibility.
Manual vehicle also is “plane”
Due to the temperature officer earlier to the civil aviation regulations for “plane” one word explanation, the accused and the defendant of the both sides address, temperature official acceptance referred to the prosecution, according to relevant regulations, organic division driving or hand control have aircraft aircraft, all can be interpreted as “plane”, it also includes involving the remote control aircraft referred to. And the case quoted the civil aviation regulations control sin is to point to, because no one may be or neglect, and harm to other people or property safety, on conviction to a fine of $5000, the highest.
The case refers to the last January 13,, members of LuoGuoHua (45 years old) in tseung kwan o jun macro street watching a plane is flying drones, then approach is also control remote control aircraft of the defendant, but the frame weight nearly 7 kilograms of remote control aircraft suddenly steep fall, contusion members.

Electric straight to the three main point

Some of the first contact helicopter friends like fly electric straight, but found electric straight “not so good fly”, after period of time, will say “I am not the material”. Remember please refer the boss often advise you to buy oil straight, and it is too late to regret. Little imagine “electricity straight not too good fly” – this big paradox.
Electric straight comparatively light, and therefore suffer ground effect of big, this is a fact, “electric straight not too good fly” is from this and come. Beginners often don’t dare to take a helicopter to fly too high, one from the ground, but want to hovering by ground effect influence, the helicopter 1 vigorously left drift. A helter skelter to play right, found the helicopter is not “no reaction, continue to left partial” is a sudden right, almost let rotor touchdown, and landing immediately.
Fixed trimming, let rotor right, continue to take off, found the helicopter or same old!!!!!!!!!! The first “flight” is in this unpleasant experience over… The second, the third time,… The first n times or so, then, “I am not the material”.
To get rid of the effect of ground, as long as the helicopter flies a little higher went.
First the vernier back into the middle, make the dish is level state. As you slowly step on it, the helicopter will from the ground, right to play aileron, decisive take off, the electric straight rise to the height of the one and a half rotor diameter (usually 1 m), the electric straight is basic do not suffer the effect of the ground. At this time, you can press the book practice hovering the method.
Get rid of the surface effect is the first pass, the second pass is demonstrated when hovering helicopter “not obedient”.
The helicopter forward, beginners backward play rod, helicopter is “not buy it,” continue to forward. The increased rod, finally stopped forward, but began to retreat.
The helicopter and fixed-wing different, high speed rotating rotor have huge gyroscopic effect. Dozen left bar, it will not immediately to the left, when you use greater force to make it to the left, it will maintain the state.
Practice hovering, if the helicopter to the right slippery, dozen left bar, when right sliding fast stops, want to make a right lever, and at the same time, instant and the throttle (throttle immediately home). This put a stop to the slide to the left.
The third pass, “tell it may be said” shut.
When the helicopter in the early training at the audience for laity (your own also basic layman), they hope to see you at the helicopter flies high, high fly it three times to satisfy. Every time you from the ground, and they will shout for joy, when a look at you just put the helicopter up to 1 m to high, they are very disappointed. At this time, you must rise superior to, this practice what you practice what, don’t tube what would they say about you. I have many times by the people as “stupid”, “failure of the pilot”, etc.

Basic knowledge of aviation model

A, what call aviation model
In the competition rules formulated by the fai in specific provision “model airplane is a heavier than air, there is limitation of size, with or without with engine, can’t manned aircraft, call model airplane. Its technical requirements are:
Maximum flying weight, with fuel for five kg;
Maximum lift covers an area of one hundred and fifty square decimeter;
The biggest wing load 100 grams/square decimeter;
Piston engine maximum working volume 10 is up.
1, what is the model
General think not flying to a plane of the actual size according to certain proportion to produce model called flying machine model.
2, what is called a model plane
The general says can fly in the sky model for model plane, called model airplane.
Second, the composition of the model plane
A model plane general and manned aircraft, mainly by the wing and tail, fuselage, landing gear and engine five parts.
1, wing – is model aircraft in flight to induce the lift device, and can keep the model plane aircraft flight lateral stability.
2, the tail – including tailplane and vertical tail two parts. Tailplane can keep the model plane flight pitch stability and vertical tail keep model aircraft flight direction stability. Horizontal tail on the elevator can control model aircraft lift, vertical tail on the rudder control model aircraft flight direction.
3, fuselage – all the parts of the coupling model into an integral part of the trunk call fuselage. At the same time in the fuselage can load the necessary control parts, equipment and fuel, etc.
4, landing gear – for a model plane take off, landing and parked device. Front a landing gear, behind two sides three landing gear that tricycle; Both sides front three landing gear, behind a landing gear that after three point.
5, engine – it is a model plane produce flight dynamic device. A model plane commonly used power plant are: elastic beam, piston engine, the jet engine, motor.
Three, aviation model technology commonly used terms
1, wingspan – wing (tail) ZuoYouYi pointed the straight distance between. (through the fuselage part also counted).
2, the full length – model plane the most front end to the last of the linear distance.
3, center of gravity, model aircraft parts gravity force point of application is called center of gravity.
4, tail heart arm – the center of gravity to the tailplane front quarter string recommendatory distance.
5, profile – wing or the rear wing’s cross section shape.
6, front – wing type of the most front end.
7, rear edge – profile last end.
8, chord – between before and after flange connection.
9, aspect ratio – span and average chord length ratio. Large aspect ratio that long and narrow wing.

The artists model aircraft division of Flying Cats specimens made of Helicopters

Dutch artist Bart Jansen teamed up with radio Helicopters Arjen Beltman,
co-produced the Orville became a radio-controlled helicopter aircraft named

Orville name from the famous aviation pioneer Orville Wright (Orville
Wright), the he Wright brothers younger brother.Orville artist owner to
cherish the memory of the two at the same time pay homage to the decision to
Orville made from a helicopter into one of the specimens artwork.

Jansen said, Orville alive a very loving bird, and now he has finally come
true, and the birds fly freely in the sky.Orville next birthday, he also
Orvillecopter assembly more to force the engine engine as well as expand the
transformation of the entire aircraft.Orville fly higher, faster and more

The pet cat Orville’s death, the artist masters and radio Helicopters
experts together to transform it into a helicopter aircraft, the owner said
it during his lifetime a very loving bird, and now finally realize their
dreams, and the birds fly freely in the sky.

Flight principle introduction

To understand the plane flying principle we must first know the plane composition and function, the plane of the lift is how to generate the problems. These problems will be divided into several parts explained briefly.
A flight, the main component and function
So far, except for a few special form of aircraft outside, most of the aircraft are made by wing, fuselage, tail, landing gear and power plant five main parts:
1. Wing, wing of the main function is to generate lift, to support the plane fly in the sky, but also have a certain stability and operation effect. In the wing general installation have aileron and flap, maneuvering flap can make the aircraft roll, put down flap can make the lift increases. Wing still can install engine, landing gear and tank, etc. Different USES of the plane the airfoil shape, size also have each different.
2. Fuselage, the major function of the fuselage is loading crew and passengers, weapons, goods and all kinds of equipment, will the plane of the other components such as: wing and tail and engine etc connection into a whole.
3. Tail — tail including tailplane and vertical tail. Tailplane by fixed tailplane and movable elevator component, some high speed the plane will tailplane and elevator xed become stabilator. Vertical tail including fixed vertical fin and movable rudder. The rear wing’s role is to control the pitch and deflection, ensure that the plane can smooth flight.
4. Landing gear – the landing gear shock strut and most of wheel composition, the function is takeoff and landing rollout, ground glide and park when supports the plane.
5. Power plant, power plant is mainly used to produce tension and thrust, make the plane forward. Secondly can also be on the plane for other electric equipment to provide power supply, etc. Now the plane power plant is used widely are: air piston engine and propeller, turbojet engine, turboprop engine and turbofan engine. In addition to the engine itself, power plant also includes a series of guarantee the normal work of the engine system.
The plane in addition to the five main parts outside, according to the aircraft operation and mission needs, but also equipped with various kinds of instrument, communication equipment, navigation equipment, safety equipment and other equipment.
Second, the lift and drag
The plane is better than air-craft, when the plane flying in the sky, can produce effect on the plane of the air force, the plane which is on the aerodynamic levitating flying. In understanding the generation of aircraft lift and drag before, we need to know the characteristics of air flow, i.e., the basic law of air flow. The flow of air is current, a kind of fluid, here we want to quote two fluid theorem: continuity theorem and Bernoulli theorem:
Fluid continuity theorem: when the fluid continuous and steady flow through a pipeline of different thicknesses, due to pipe in any part of the fluid can interrupt or extrusion up, so at the same time, as the fluid flow into all the quality and on the other all surface effluent fluid quality is equal.
Continuity theorem expounds the fluid in flow velocity and the relationship between the pipe section. Fluid in the flow, not only velocity and pipe section correlation, and the velocity and pressure by a relationship between. Bernoulli theorem is to this fluid flow in flow velocity and the relationship between the pressure.
Bernoulli theorem basic content: fluid in a duct flow, the velocity of the place pressure is small, the velocity small local pressure.
Aircraft lift most is the wing generation, tail usually generates a negative lift, the other part of the produce of the lift is very small, generally does not consider. From the above we can see: air flow to wing leading edge, divided into upper and lower two strands of airflow, respectively on the wing, lower surface flow, the trailing edge to syncretism backward flow to. Wing surface comparative bulge, flow tube is fine, explain velocity faster, lower pressure. And under the wing surface, airflow by blocking function, flow tube coarsening, slow velocity, pressure increases. Here we will reference to the above two theorem. Then the wings, lower surface appeared pressure difference, perpendicular to the relative wind direction is the sum of the pressure difference of the wing lift. Such heavier than air plane with the wing for the lift to overcome their own because of gravity formation of gravity, thus the flying in the blue sky.
Wing lift generation depend mainly on the upper surface of the role of the suction, and not on the lower surface are the effects of stress, and generally wing surface formation of suction to total lift 60-80%, lower surface of the positive pressure formation of lift accounts for only of total lift 20-40%.
Aircraft flying in the air will have all kinds of resistance, resistance is the opposite direction and plane motion air power, it hinders the plane on, here we also need to understand it. According to the causes of resistance can be divided into friction resistance, differential pressure resistance, induced resistance and interference resistance.
1. The friction resistance – the air is one of the physical characteristics of the viscosity. When the air flow through the plane surface, because of viscosity, the air with a plane surface friction, produce a to stop the advance of force, the force is friction resistance. The size of the frictional resistance, depends on the air viscosity, the plane surface conditions, and with the air phase contact plane surface area. The air viscosity, the rough surface plane, the plane surface area is larger, the greater the frictional resistance.
2. Pressure drag — people walking in the wind, feel resistance effect, this is a kind of differential pressure resistance. This kind of pressure difference before and after the formation of resistance that pressure drag. Aircraft fuselage, tail etc will generate differential pressure resistance.
3. Induced drag, lift produce at the same time also on aircraft additional a resistance. This cause to lift and induced out resistance called induced resistance, is the plane to produce lift and give a kind of “price”. The produce process is relatively complicated here would not be in detail lawsuit.
4. Interference resistance – it is between the parts of the plane for airflow mutual interference and produce a kind of additional resistance. This kind of resistance easy to produce on the airframe and wing, body and tail, wing and the engine nacelle, wing and between the fuselage.
The above four resistance is low in the plane, as for high-speed aircraft, in addition to also have these resistance outside, still can produce wave resistance and other resistance.
Three, influence factors of lift and drag
Lift and drag is the plane in the air of the relative movement between the relative wind) generated in. Influence of the basic lift and drag

Children can experience simulated flight fun

Children can experience simulated flight fun

Must not be violated on the model concerned, and do not worry about bad weather to worry not about the extensive grounds, as long as they have a computer, you can use the operating system control lever model airplane flying up and down on the screen, as in the real world to control. blue sky and surf. Yesterday, hundreds of primary and secondary school science and technology has teachers in the city by Youth Science and Technology Center, a flight simulator from the beginning of this year, the State Sports General Administration pushing analogue movement, a nationwide student who set off to booming analog movement organized in the city, the students will also be able to experience the fun of the flight simulator.

Remote control aircraft help send wedding ring to marry him

Remote control aircraft help send wedding ring to marry him on July 3, reports to ask his girlfriend to marry him, you will use what method? Yesterday, romantic when Mr. East secret planning a different courtship ritual – in the jiangbei clock, specially choose moral life 13 point 14 points, with remote control the helicopter sent diamond ring, to love to marry him, more than 30 name friend hand rose to aid blast, gathered hundreds of people became the testimony of happiness.

30 friends approach rehearsals
At 12 at noon yesterday 30 points, Mr. Yin with more than 30 name vastly friends came to the jiangbei, for the upcoming courtship ritual as the final preparation.
“I shouted yuli da, and you will sing” the girl see come over, ‘I cried out east, they shout “boh’ a……” In the pedestrian street side of the flower-stand place, one of the courtship ritual planners xiao bullhorn to everybody the replacement.

“Have no problem, certainly can succeed!” More than 30 people will symbol “life” of 199 rose love take in your hand with the crowd, waiting for the actress zhang yu’s appear.
Xiao told reporters, to help Mr Yin are friends and colleagues, as early as in 3 days ago began to prepare. A lot of them is to unit or company specially leave to come to help you.
To propose confident
“Before I don’t have to marry him, she said the news, I want to give her a surprise.” About his proposal, in the city a wedding planning company work Mr Yin smiles.
According to introduce Mr. Yin, he is in the 3rd of July, 2005 a friend party know zhang yu’s girlfriend. “When I first met her, I would have been her eyes electricity pour feeling.”
Two people acquaintance, Mr. Yin launched fiercely offensive, and capture each other heart, two people from friends became lovers.

“She told my in the mind set the bride as like as two peas.” Mr Yin said, because work at ordinary times more busy, every day can only meet the evening with his girlfriend. “My time at the weekend, and happened to be my most busy, no time to accompany her.” A month ago, he want to plan a romantic courtship ritual, give my girlfriend a surprise.
“I’m planning a wedding, hundreds of field courtship ritual also have four times, each time a success.” Talk about their own this proposal, Mr. Yin confidence: “99% can be successful.”
For his girlfriend wear the wedding ring
13 point 10 points, all is ready, but owe dongfeng, everyone is looking forward to the actress zhang yu’s appear.
“Come, come, long hair that is.” Two young woman slowly walked to the jiangbei under pillar, Mr. Yin excitedly pointed to a long hair, wearing yellow clothes girl told a reporter, that is his girlfriend.
“Da da, I hope the clock can witness our love, I would like to life will take care of you……” Mr. Yin picked up the microphone strides towards his girlfriend. His name more than 30 friends, and neatly stood in the jiangbei clock, exalted with writing has “da da marry me” sign, Shouting “da da”.

In the face of the unexpected scene, long hair girl appear at a loss, when she heard of Mr Yin confessions, shed the tears of excitement, and Mr. Yin to hug.

At this time, two singer bounce the guitar, along with a song of “the moon represents my heart”, a jet equipped with remote control proposal ring plane in the air slowly landing. Mr. Yin take wedding ring, to one knee, the official to ask his girlfriend to marry him, “da da, marry me!”
“To marry him, to marry him!” A friend of Mr. Yin and field onlookers over citizens, loudly Shouting. The girl put on to marry him ring, a smile on her face, the scene immediately cheers rang out.
A pair of lovers will rose into the air, people flocked for, all want to be stained with a point happy. The policeman’s interference, the crowd just to gradually spread out.
“This proposal way good romantic, is also very touching.” Onlookers Mr. Chen said.
Girlfriend accident and excited
“I have an accident, and very excited, have never thought he would use this way proposed to me.” In nanan distract Macao li via the office when the clerk zhang yu miss yuli with happiness, “I think he is a very optimistic person, and very honest, to the friend is also very straight.”

Zhang yu da said, yesterday, good friends LinXia tell her to the jiangbei to mutually close, let her to propose some Suggestions. “Unexpectedly, she (LinXia) is deliberately deceived me.”
Zhang yu da speaking, one side of LinXia always laughed at. She said that Yin east this proposal immediately after promise down, “this is a good thing, and good romantic.”

According to Mr. Yin introduction, this weighs 0.85 carat diamond ring is the mother for the future daughter-in-law preparation of, as to why will choose on July 2,, rather than on July 3, met two people the day to marry him? Mr Yin said, “because on July 3,, I will look to get a marriage formal girlfriend.”

The courtship ritual is deliberately hype? In the face of doubt, Mr Yin said: “don’t care a stranger’s view, as long as their sincerity, happiness is good.”